2017 Stefik BT

The Stefik group is developing new polymer derived nanomaterials for energy devices. Our novel self-assembly methods enable nuanced precision by using kinetic-control to escape the tyranny of the equilibrium. Such kinetic-control is historically difficult to reproduce, a challenge that we have resolved with switchable micelle entrapment to yield reproducible and homogeneous nanomaterial series that follow model predictions. Our approach called Persistent Micelle Templates enables seamless access from meso-to-macroporous materials with unprecedented ~2 Å precision of tuning. The resulting high-surface area materials are critical for developing numerous energy applications such as fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, photovoltaics, and solar fuels.

Our focus on bottom-up methods make our discoveries easily deployable to industry for a significant and real impact.

You can find out more about our particular research methods and interests.  We have a history of developing new nanomaterials and nanoscale energy devices – you can check out all of our latest publications.